It has been a really long time since the last time I try any recipe. This doughnut recipe caught me because it uses something called tangzhong or water roux. And the tangzhong is really easy to make. It is said it will make the bread springy.

The first time I try this recipe I used Indonesian measurement (meaning I used real table spoon and tea spoon 😀 ). Ended up using too many yeast and lack of sugar. On 2nd try I used measurement spoon just like this


Cool, eh? NOT! hahaha .. I’ll tell you about it later.

Anyway here’s the tangzhong. It feels really soft.

And now the doughnut dough. I added a couple spoon of flour because the dough ended up really sticky.

Let it raised twice, cut cut, raise again and and fry fry. Voila!

Lunch! Hahaha .. my son actually finish them of. You go, Son! 🙂

Oh, and it was delicious, the doughnut is soft but not too soft. Not bad for a second timer 🙂

Here’s the original recipe link :