Argan Oil is one of the most happening oil in the beauty world. And you practically can use it from top to toe.

I have problem with acne since I was a teenager and I read so many review that this oil can actually help you with acne. After a long search (well not that long), I found Lalla Nour, it has good reputation and a lot people is using it and the most important thing is the price is reasonable :D.

Before I use Argan oil, I have been using rosehip oil for about 3 weeks, and my acne was getting worst and my skin feels rough. I thought it was because my skin was getting ready to peel, but it wasn’t. Don’t blame the oil, rosehip oil is not suitable for oily and skin with acne. I read the warning, but I was really tempted to try it because .. you know … miranda kerr is using it .. bla bla bla … hahaha … well, lesson learned.

The Regime :

OK, so I used Argan oil twice a day. In the morning, before I put on my sunscreen lotion, and before I go to sleep.  I use about 4-5 drops. Argan oil is easily absorbed by your skin, your skin won’t look oily.  Better than Sk*n Aq*a tbh.

The Result :

In 7 days, I notice that my skin is getting softer, I feel it when I wash my face. It feels more supple and moist. And after two weeks my skin is behaving good. My breakout is lessen. And I notice that there aren’t many black/whiteheads as much as before. You see, I like to pick my nose, you know, to get the whiteheads out? It’s addicting :D, and I don’t get them as much as before.

However this is not a miracle oil for acne. It doesn’t heal the acne fast. It takes its time, reaaaally slow. There’s no dry out. I think because its emollient properties that Argan oil doesn’t dry out your acne. But you will notice that in two weeks your acne will get smaller. Word of advice, do not touch your acne! So Argan oil can heal it faster without worsting the  redness.

Argan oil doesn’t seem to heal scar fast either. No drastic change on my skin appearance. Pores still big, black spots, but less dull 🙂

The Verdict :

I like Lallanour argan oil. Good price and quality 🙂